Introduction and definitions:

These Terms will apply to you once you register with us and (together with the relevant and any important information we provide to you) form the basis of our Agreement with you.


“Account” means your personal information, payment details subscription service to view STOKAI analytics simulation and backtesting output . 

“Agreement” means our agreement with you for the provision of the service to view STOKAI analytics simulation and backtesting output. This is governed by your registration to the STOKAI website(including any declarations), these Terms, the relevant and any important information we provide to you.


“BackTesting”means general method for seeing how well a trading strategy or algorithm would have done ex-post. Backtesting assesses the viability of an algorithm by discovering how it would play out using historical data. User can use these results to analyze risk and profitability before risking any actual capital.


“Event Beyond Our Control” means any act or event beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation – strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat of or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster, or failure of public or private telecommunications networks.


“Online Service” means the functionality of the STOKAI Website. This or any other form(eg. email), which enables you to access your Account or view STOKAI output.


“Security Details” means the details required to pass our Security Procedures (for example passwords and security codes). User may choose their own security details or they may be provided by us.

“Security Procedures” means the procedures we put in place, and which you must follow, to confirm your identity and to access your Account;

“Simulation” means the action of building an abstract representation(a model) of a real world financial state(macroeconomic and/or microeconomic).

“STOKAI” means the AI powered future price simulation product of “Rumble Horse Tech ltd”.


“Terms” means all or any of these terms and conditions(as the context requires and including any terms incorporated by express reference). Also means any versions which may supersede them.

“The product” means STOKAI – the AI powered Stock price simulation software.

“The Service” means the online STOKAI website. This or any other distribution platform, channel, email, telephone etc. for user to view outputs of STOKAI.  


“We”, “we”, “us”, “STOKAI”, “the company” and “our” means “Rumble Horse Tech ltd”.

“Working Day” means a day when the London Stock Exchange is open for dealings. Excludes Saturdays, Sundays, public and bank holidays in England.


“You/you”, “Your/your” and “Yours/yours” means the person(s) who registered on STOKAI website, to whom we provide the STOKAI Service. We refer to you as member/subscriber/customer/user of the STOKAI product and website. Where applicable, this applies to your duly authorised representative. Also applies to your legal personal representatives and successors. Furthermore, applies to anyone that you and we have agreed can act on your behalf.

Any reference to an ‘Act’ or other legislation includes any amendments or regulations made under it.

Terms of Service:

1. Information about us

The STOKAI product and online service is provided by “Rumble Horse Tech ltd”.

We are a FinTech company and will never provide you with any financial advice (including investment advice) or recommendations under these Terms, nor is anything on the STOKAI Website or communications from us in respect of your Account to be construed as personalised financial, investment or tax advice.

2. General information about the STOKAI Service

Users must be over the age of 18.

Simulation is based on data at previous day’s close. Material new market data and market news on the trading day may cause unanticipated deviation. When trading or investing money, this tool is an addition to your existing financial investment and trading decision making process. STOKAI uses financial predictive algorithms to simulate real world scenarios. The output is the most likely outcome, given the data at the time of calculation.

3. Registration and Account details

You must register by completing a membership registration form online on STOKAI website. You must also keep your password and other details secure and protected. However, please contact us immediately, if you find that your security details are compromised

You may change any of your personal or billing details by accessing your membership account online on STOKAI website.

We may refuse your registration or cancel your account at any time during your membership at our discretion. Furthermore, we are not obliged to give you a reason for doing so.

4.1 Personal details and Account Security

We take the security of your Account very seriously and do all we reasonably can to ensure that your Account is secure. We will also do all we reasonably can to to prevent its unauthorised access and use.

You must take all reasonable steps to keep your Account secure and to prevent any fraudulent use of it. Examples of steps include(but not limited to):

  • compliance with Security Procedures;
  • never disclosing your Security Details to any other person;
  • choosing Security Details which are not easy to guess;
  • changing any passwords regularly;
  • taking care to ensure that no one sees you enter your Security Details when you login to your Account;
  • taking care no one overhears you giving us your Security Details when speaking to us over the telephone;
  • securely logging out of the website once you have finished using it or where your device is left unattended;
  • keeping the details we hold about you up to date;
  • ensuring that you have manufacturer recommended firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed on the device you use to access the website and that these are kept up to date;

If you become aware that your Security Details have, or might have, been lost or stolen or you suspect that someone knows what they are or that they are being used without your consent you must contact us immediately. You must provide us with all information we ask for during this process.

4.2 Account Security Procedures

We may from time to time introduce new Security Procedures for your Account and notify you as soon as reasonably practicable where these might affect you. We may also, stop or block access to, or restrict certain actions in relation to, your Account where we suspect on reasonable grounds that:

  • the security of your Account has been compromised;
  • there has been unauthorised or fraudulent use or attempted unauthorised or fraudulent use of your Account;
  • your Account is at increased risk of fraud. For example, where you have not accessed information about your Account for two years;
  • or become aware that you are  redistributing paid content or a derivative of the content in any shape or form

We may also stop or block access to, or restrict certain actions in relation to, your Account where:

  • we become aware of a dispute between, or receive conflicting instructions from, those authorised to access and/or provide instructions to us in respect of your Account. People authorised to access and/or provide instructions might include you, anyone you grant or have granted a power of attorney to or, where you are a company, charity or unincorporated association, your directors or members;
  • we are required to do so by law.

Where we are able, we will notify you if we block access to your Account and give you the reasons for doing so. We do not accept any liability for any loss you suffer where we act in accordance with the provisions of this section or where you fail to comply with your obligations under this section.

5. Communications with you

We will rely on any communication which we reasonably believe to have been made by you (or on your behalf).

We have appropriately strict Security Procedures in place to help protect your Account and to verify your identity.

You must provide us with your email and telephone number to contact you, if we need to. You are responsible for providing us with the correct contact details at all times.

We will contact you by phone, email or via our online website communication.

You must protect your Account details and the associated passwords and report any information loss, suspected theft or misuse of your Accounts to us immediately.

6. Changes to the Terms

We may change the Terms, including our fees and charges, from time to time in whole or in part, by giving you reasonable notice of the change.

You will be notified of changes to the Terms by sending you the amended Terms by post or by email and make the amended Terms available on the STOKAI Website.

The Terms may be changed to reflect:

  • changes in the costs and charges that we incur or expect to incur in providing our services to you, and/or to take into account changes in the rates of inflation, taxes or interest;
  • current or future changes in law, FCA rules or regulations, or decisions of the Financial Ombudsman Service;
  • changes in market practice or conditions;
  • the way that our services are used and ensure that the costs of those services are allocated fairly among our users; or to provide for the introduction of new systems or services and changes in technology or products.

The Terms may also be changed for the following reasons:

  • to meet regulatory requirements or industry guidance or best practice;
  • to make these Terms easier to understand or fairer, or to correct mistakes;

We will give you at least 30 days’ notice of any change to these Terms that may be detrimental to you, unless we are required to make the change sooner (for example for regulatory reasons). If we make a change for a reason not set out above, we will send notification email to you stating clearly why and what has been changed. Incidental changes (such as clarity, drafting and typographical amendments) are made immediately and will be available on the STOKAI Website.

7. Availability of the STOKAI Service

We cannot guarantee that access to, STOKAI Website will be available at all times or without delay. You acknowledge that the Service may be interrupted and the services available may be variable in certain circumstances.

We may at our absolute discretion suspend the operation of our Online Service and/or telephone services where we consider it necessary. For example, suspension may be necessary for technical reasons, emergencies, regulatory reasons, where we decide it is sensible for our or our users’ protection, in periods of exceptional trading activity or market abuse.

Occasionally, we may need to suspend the provision of the STOKAI Service to maintain or upgrade our systems. We will not be liable to you if our systems or services are unavailable to you for trading or information purposes for whatever reason.

You are entitled to reasonable use of the STOKAI Service. If we, in our reasonable opinion, deem your usage is not reasonable use, we reserve the right to cease providing the Service to you and cancel your membership. We will not be liable for any loss you suffer as a result of such a cessation.

8. Membership fees and other charges

Up to date details of our charges can be found on the membership levels page when you register, which may be varied from time to time in accordance with section 6.

From time to time, there may be marketing promotions providing special discounts, referral reward, reward campaigns(for eg. KickStarter) or other such events where product may be offered at lower price than the current price, for a certain period of time. This will have no effect on current user membership fees being paid by the existing users.  

The membership fees becomes due at the beginning of the monthly cycle, when we shall attempt to collect it in accordance with the fee collection preferences you have selected from the methods we make available to you.

In such instance, if a payment is not received due to incorrect card details, card expiring or for any other reason, we will suspend your account and access to STOKAI service with immediate effect and advise you to update your payment details, to continue using the service. We reserve the right to cancel your membership if this happens and overdue payment is not made by you within 07 days of becoming due and being notified by email to make the overdue payment. Following cancellation, if you want to rejoin and continue using the service, you will have to sign up at the prevailing rates of membership at that time, regardless of your previous membership level or any previous discounts or promotions that may have applied at the time you initially joined STOKAI.

9. Use of service and liabilities

STOKAI website is for individual use only. Any copy or redistribution of any part of the website is strictly prohibited. Any API or webservice is not available through the website and not covered under these terms. Should the user want such a functionality, please contact customer service. Any use of STOKAI for any other purpose but for individual use will fall outside of this contract.

STOKAI team or Rumble Horse Tech ltd do not accept any liability for any losses incurred by you or any third party from the use of STOKAI outputs, from errors on the website or data, due to unavailability, downtime or system outage of the STOKAI website or for any other reason.

User must use STOKAI as an additional tool to form their own view on the market.

Rumble Horse Tech ltd are not entitled to any gains, performance based fees or commission from the users trading profits.

Any part of, or any information on the website does not constitute financial advice in part or whole. Also it does not represent view or opinion of the company(Rumble Horse Tech ltd) or any of its directors, shareholders, customers or employees.

10.1 Termination and Closure: Reasons

You may terminate Our Agreement, with immediate effect, at any time. You can do this by logging into your account section on STOKAI website and canceling subscription.

Without affecting any other right or remedy available to us, our Agreement may be terminated by us with immediate effect, at any time, if you:

  • fail to pay any amount due under these Terms on the due date for payment and remain in default not less than 7 days after being notified to make such payment;
  • commit a material breach of any of these Terms which is irremediable or (if such breach is remediable) you fail to remedy that breach within a period of 7 days after being notified to do so;
  • are liquidated or dissolved or declared bankrupt or otherwise unable to pay your debts as they fall due.

We may also terminate the Agreement with immediate effect, at any time, without affecting any other right or remedy available to us if we:

  • have reasonable grounds for believing you have committed or are about to commit a crime in connection with your use of the STOKAI Service; or
  • are required to terminate our Agreement by any competent regulatory authority or as a matter of law.

10.2 Termination and Closure: Procedure

In addition to the right to terminate set out above, we may also terminate our Agreement for any other reason, by giving you at least 30 days’ written notice.

Termination of our Agreement shall be without prejudice to the completion of transactions already initiated under these Terms. We will complete such transactions as soon as practicable, provided that you pay us all outstanding amounts owing to us under these Terms.

On termination of our Agreement you will pay us all outstanding costs, fees, charges or expenses relating to the STOKAI Service.

You will also pay any expenses necessarily incurred by us in terminating our Agreement and in concluding outstanding obligations. You will bear any losses necessarily realised in concluding any outstanding obligations.

11. Data Protection

Our privacy policy explains how we use the personal information you give us or we otherwise receive about you during the course of our relationship. We strongly advise that you read our privacy policy. This is available on the STOKAI Website at privacy-policy. You can also request a copy from us.

12. Assignment, Delegation and Third Parties

We may appoint any person (whether connected to Rumble Horse Tech ltd or not) to advise on or perform any of our functions or responsibilities under these Terms, following due checks, diligence and screening to ensure they are competent to carry out those functions and responsibilities.

Furthermore, we may assign our Agreement in whole or in part, provided this does not result in you receiving a poorer service or prejudice your rights.

Any member of the Rumble Horse Tech ltd, shall be entitled to enforce provisions of these Terms. To ensure this, the terms shall apply to them as if they were a party to the contract.

13. Complaints

You should contact us immediately, if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of STOKAI Service.

Please email We treat every complaint very seriously and aim to resolve each complaint fairly and promptly.

14. Death

On your death we will continue to rely on these Terms. Your representatives should send us either the original or a certified copy of your death certificate. We will cancel access to your Account and any future monthly payments, on notification of death.

15. Events Beyond Our Control

We will not be liable nor responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under these Terms that is caused by an Event Beyond Our Control.

If an Event Beyond Our Control takes place that affects the performance of our obligations under these Terms, we will notify you as soon as reasonably practicable.

Furthermore, as a result of this, our obligations under these Terms will be suspended and the time for performance of our obligations will be extended for the duration of the Event Beyond Our Control.

16. Governing law and jurisdiction

Your Agreement with us shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

All parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. We will communicate with each other in English. These Terms are based on our understanding of current legislation and practices.

17. Cancellation

You have the right to cancel your STOKAI membership Account anytime. You can do this either by logging into your account or by contacting STOKAI Customer Services.

Your account access will be immediately revoked on cancellation and money owed to you, will be refunded (pro-rata) after subtracting a £10 admin charge.

Please contact STOKAI customer services at if you have any questions.

We aim to provide the users of our service the best experience and highest quality product.

We regularly update and communicate these terms and conditions.


[Last Updated: 16-Dec-2022]

STOKAI is an Artificial Intelligence software, designed with the goal to make sophisticated financial predictive algorithms available to individuals.

The average user may find some terms unfamiliar and new. Hence, please look at the FAQ to get a grasp of these concepts and reach out to us if you need further guidance.

It may take some time and practice to fully understand and make the best use of these algorithms.

Stock Index FX Prediction - STOKAI

Stokai is a product of Rumble Horse Tech ltd. A company registered in England.

The graphs with algorithm output shown on STOKAI pages, do not constitute financial advice in part or whole. Furthermore, they do not represent view or opinion of the company or any of its directors, shareholders, customers or employees.